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Welcome to Cruise Holidays UK


Introducing Jon Fletcher, your Personal Cruise Expert.


Cruising is the perfect way to see the world. Let us help you to discover the delights of cruising, save you time finding your ideal cruise and enjoy your well earned holiday.


Whether you are a first time cruiser, a seasoned traveller with your family or travelling solo there will be a cruise for you. Our website is jam-packed with amazing deals and our experienced team are just a phone call away should you require further information.


Jon Fletcher

(0161) 408-2161



















Canada & New England


Northern Europe Cities

Norwegian Fjords


Fill your autumn with colour on this New England adventure

Cruise with Aurora from Southampton on a journey into the wild beauty of Canada and autumn colours of New England. You’ll sail south to charismatic New York for three full days in port, before heading back north to Canada, and its iconic seaside towns – think rugged coasts, crab shacks and lighthouses.



**** No Service Charge ****


From the British Isles to Scandinavia, via the Baltic States and Russia, this is an extraordinary MSC Cruises voyage that proposes interesting and unusual itineraries to explore some of the most remote and uncontaminated areas of the planet, where nature flaunts all of her splendour. 



**** Premium Drinks Package Included ****





Let Britannia take you back to nature, Norwegian Fjord style

Spectacular scenery, enchanting towns, ancient cities and so much more. Many believe the only way to truly appreciate the breathtaking scenery of the Norwegian Fjords is to sail through them. We, of course, agree. Cruise in supreme comfort and enjoy a front-row view of one of the world’s most wonderful regions.


**** £60 per Cabin Onboard Spend ****




30nts - 01/Sept/2019

Prices From £2,999pp




10nts - 21/Aug/2019

Oceanview Prices

From £1,089pp



7nts - 27/April/2019
Prices From £749pp













Scandinavia & Russia  

The Highlights of Andalusia



Canaries Adventure 


You’ll love the awe-inspiring beauty of Scandinavia, with its long, light summer evenings and snowy winter charm. Scandinavians adore nature and the great outdoors, so cycling, boating and hiking are popular pursuits.But there’s a fun-loving vibe in the cities too, with plenty of trendy bars, markets, shops and cafes where you can people watch and soak up the lively atmosphere.


**** Includes Deluxe Drinks Package for 1st & 2nd Passenger plus £75pp deposit ****









Andalusia offers a feast of rich culture, gorgeous scenery, tempting traditional cuisine and fine architecture; experience it all with chances to enjoy hours of memorable daytime scenic cruising and get closer to a trio of stunning destinations in one of Spain’s most breathtaking regions.Stopping overnight in Seville after cruising into the heart of Andalusia’s capital via the gorgeous, size-restricted Guadalquivir River is sure to be a highlight. Uncover attractions such as Alcázar Palace, the UNESCO-listed cathedral; try delicious tapas; and catch a performance of traditional Flamenco dance.


There's so much to discover on a vibrant Spanish holiday, one of the top destinations for UK travellers to visit in the Mediterranean. From Gaudi's quirky Barcelona creations to the stunning Moorish palaces of Granada and Seville, you'll feel the buzz of this passionate place while on holiday to Spain.

Join the festival fun in Palma de Mallorca or play it cool in Malaga's hip SoHo district. Ignite the fire with flamenco dancing in Seville or explore Cadiz on two wheels. You'll discover Valencia's futuristic City of Arts and Sciences, plus Vigo's stunning Cies Islands and Palma's tantalizing shops.


*Premium drinks included and £75pp Deposit*





14nts - 04/Oct/2019 Prices from £1,899pp


14nts- 07/April/2019

Prices from £1,399pp

    11nts - 08/Oct/2019
From only £1,449pp