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Norwegian Cruise Line announced one of the most exciting cruise programmes that are now on sale for the seasons 2021 through to 2023.  They will be sailing to over 20 new destinations across all 7 continents.  The new itineraries have been designed to give guests a holiday of a lifetime.  As Harry Sommer, the CEO of Norwegian Cruise Line puts it, “At this moment, we are in our respective corners of the world destination daydreaming.”  The 20 new destinations will be in addition to over 300 destinations that Norwegian Cruise line guests have come to love and expect. 


Norwegian Star, will sail to one of the most exciting and adventurous of the new destinations in the programme.  She will sail to the southernmost continent, Antarctica.  For the first time Norwegian Cruise Line Guests will have the chance to witness the drama and spectacular beauty of the “White Continent”.  You will have the opportunity to see some of the most exciting wildlife in its frozen habitat. Among the exciting highlights of Norwegian Star’s will be sailing past the mountainous horse shoe shaped active volcanic Deception Island.  The island is home to one of the largest groups of penguins in Antarctica. Among the species to be found on the island are the chinstrap penguin and it not uncommon to see them waddling around and launching themselves in to the icy waters.  Another Antarctic highlight will be the chance to sail past Elephant Island that is named after both the large colony of Elephant seals and because it is shaped like an elephant head.  The combination of the rugged mountainous landscape, white ice sheets and wildlife give it an air of mystery.  That is punctuated by humorous sight of penguins that look like waiters wandering among the Elephant Seals basking on the ice sheets like millionaires lounging around on a beach.  Other highlights are ports of call at Ushuaia, the most southerly city in the world and also known as the windiest city in the world.  Should you wish to explore beyond the city you can marvel at the spectacular natural beauty of the lakes, forests and rugged mountains of Tierra del Fuego by train on an excursion.  You also have the opportunity to visit Port Stanley, the capital of the Falklands.  The town is a slice of England in the South Atlantic with its small cathedral, authentic English pubs, and neat gardens.  Venture beyond the town and you will be able to visit a penguin colony, watch Albatross circling and the skuas nesting or even visit a sheep farm.

Norwegian Star, refurbished in 2018 will sail from Buenos Aires for her Antarctic programme and will sail 13, 14 and 15 day cruises starting in 2021.


Norwegian Cruise Line have always had a very good reputation for their South American itineraries and won awards for them including the Cruise Critic Award for Best Cruise line in South America.  So unsurprisingly they have taken the opportunity to further enhance their range of South American Voyages.  So guests can experience so much more of this exciting continent. 

With Norwegian Cruise Line South American voyages you will be able to sail from Buenos Aires, where you can experience one of the chicest cities in the world and the passion and sensuality of the Argentine Tango and Rio De Janeiro where you can soak up the sun on one of its famous beaches, visit the Christ the Redeemer or even enjoy the excitement and rhythms of the Carnival and the samba. But there is so much more to this exciting continent.  With Norwegian Star you will be able to travel through the Andean Mountains to discover the legendary lost city of Machu Pichu, that is high among the Andes providing the visitor with views that form the backdrop to the ruins.  One of the great highlights of the Falkland Islands is to be right in amongst the Magellan Penguins to see the real “March of the Penguins”.   The Beagle Channel at the very tip of the continent will give you spectacular glaciers to marvel at and clear fresh air to fill your lungs. 


New South American destinations from March 2022 will include Fontaleza in North Eastern Brazil.  It is a city of beaches, restaurants that focus on seafood.  But for true sea food lovers a visit to the seafood market will be a must do visit.  You will be able to buy fresh seafood and enjoy it as the locals do in the tents behind the market where your market purchases will be prepared for you to eat straight away.  In Porto das Dunas in nearby Aquiraz, you can enjoy stunning scenery and majestic sand dunes.  The other new destination in South America in March 2022 is Salvador de Bahia that is known for its Portuguese Colonial buildings, Afro-Brazilian culture and  its tropically exotic beaches. A visit to the Pelhourinho neighbourhood of the city will be an essential place to visit on this port of call.  The neighbourhood has cobblestone alleys that open on to large impressive squares with colourful buildings and opulent baroque churches.


Norwegian Cruise Line are expanding the range and their fleet in Northern Europe with 6 ships based in Northern Europe including for the first time Norwegian Escape will be based in Europe.  The other ships that will be based in Northern Europe will be Norwegian Dawn, Norwegian epic, Norwegian Getaway, Norwegian Jade, and Norwegian Star.  This increased presence will mean that guests will be able to experience a diverse variety of cultures, magnificent palaces, a rich heritage and of course incredible beauty.  You will be able to follow in the footsteps of the Vikings in Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland.  You will be able to explore the Baltic and see the opulence of the city of St Petersburg, built by the Tsars.  The firm favourites such as the British Isles, Ireland and Northern European ports like Amsterdam, Northern France and Ireland are all included in the programme.  The exciting news is that in July2022 Norwegian Star will embark on two voyages from Reykjavik to Greenland which will be 10 and 11 day voyages.  On these voyages to Greenland you will visit Nuuk, the capital “city” of Greenland on the south west coast of Greenland and is in a large network of fjords known for its waterfalls, humpback whales and icebergs. Qaqortoq in Southern Greenland is a town like Nuuk that is set in the middle of fjords.  You can hike a long trails in to the mountains, soak in thermal springs or visit Viking settlements. Nanortalik is an island in Southern Greenland.  Did you know the name of the island means Land of the Polar Bear?  The island has a reputation of being an idyllic paradise, with fields of colourful flowers in the summertime, the sheer cliffs that flank the fjords, and the sea ice outside the harbour make this a unique destination. 


In this new programme of voyages Norwegian Cruise Line will have three ships in Africa these will be Norwegian Dawn, Norwegian Jade and Norwegian Spirit and guests will be able to explore the truly diverse continent that is Africa, from exploring ancient pyramids and temples of Egypt to safaris in South Africa.  From December 2021 through to January 2022 Norwegian Jade will become the first Norwegian Cruise Line ship to offer roundtrips from Cape Town.  These voyages will include visits to Luderitz a town on the coast of Namibia that is named after Adolf Luderitz who founded the colony of German South West Africa now Namibia.  It is a harbour town that is known for its German Colonial Buildings including the Art Nouveau Goerke Haus that is built into the rock face of Diamond Hill.  The Tidal lagoon at Walvis Bay is a haven for an abundance of birdlife from Pelicans and flamingos to the Damara Tern.  Walvis Bay also offers you the opportunity to see whales and dolphins as well as the Cape fur seals. Durban, is a vibrant city on the Kwazulu – Natal Province coast where you can walk along the seafront promenade, that was refurbished for the 2010 Football World cup. At one end of the promenade is a huge aquarium cum theme park called uShaka marine World.  However if you want something a bit more relaxing the Durban Botanical Gardens is one of the World’s greatest plant collections and specialises in African species.  Norwegian Jade’s voyages will also feature overnight call in the South African capital Cape Town where you can take a cable car to the top of Table Mountain with its distinctive flat top that provides a stunning backdrop to the city and stunning views.  You can make a visit to Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned during the Apartheid years and is now a living museum or you can take an excursion to wine producing region of Stellenbosch.  Norwegian Jade will also feature an overnight call to Richard’s Bay that will offer you the opportunity to take a Big Game Safari.  In January 2023 Norwegian Jade will also make the first Norwegian Cruise Line call to Maputo the capital city of Mozambique.  The port has preserved Portuguese colonial architecture and many early 20th Century buildings in the jacaranda lined streets of the downtown neighbourhood of Baixa. 


In November 2021 Norwegian Sun will make her debut in Asia.  She will be joined in Asia by Norwegian dawn, Norwegian Jewel and Norwegian Spirit.  Their voyages will cover the whole of Asia from India and Sri Lanka to the far East and there are lots of new destinations to explore.  


In November 2021 Norwegian Sun will visit Nagoya and Beppu in November 2021.  Nagoya on Honshu Island offers visitors museums and the Sakae entertainment district that has attractions like its Sky-Boat Ferris wheel that will give visitors some great views.  Visitors can also visit Nagoya Castle that was originally built in 1612 as an Imperial Palace and today houses a museum.  Beppu is a city and spa resort on the southern Japanese Island of Kyushu. Set on Beppu Bay with a backdrop of volcanoes the city is home to more than 2000 onsen, the popular hot springs, that are so much a part of the Japanese culture, these are particularly found in the Kannawa onsen district. In December 2021 Norwegian Spirit will visit Timaru in New Zealand for the first time.  Timaru on the South Island is midway between Christchurch and Dunedin.  It offers the visitor pleasant gardens and parks including the Timaru Botanic gardens.  Beer lovers can visit the DB Mainland Brewery in Sheffield Street.  Where they will be able to take a tour of the brewery and enjoy tasting sessions.  In February 2022 Norwegian Sun will make a number of maiden calls these will be Manila and Coron in the Phillipines, Kota Kinabulu and Melaka in Malaysia and Muara in Brunei Darussalam.  Manila is the capital of the Phillipines and has a Spanish Colonial feel to the city.  It is has a walled old town, a citadel that has in the past doubled both as a fort and a military prison.  A visit to the San Agustin church and the Cathedral are well worth the time.  Visitors may also find Rizal Park, which is one of the largest urban parks in Asia interesting and for those who love aquariums the Manila ocean Park is a must see.  Coron is one of the Phillipines many beautiful islands and will offer the Norwegian Cruise line Guest much to see and do.  If you are a diver Coron is one of the best places in the world to dive.  With plenty of World war 2 shipwrecks to explore.  You can swim and snorkel in the famous twin lagoons.  The only way to get between the two lagoons is to swim through a small gap.  The beaches on Coron are absolutely beautiful and the best of them is Banul.  If you just want to unwind and relax then you will probably want to head to the hot springs.  Kota Kinabalu is a Malay city in the north of the island of Borneo.  The city is surrounded by the Borneo Rain Forest and so offers lots of opportunities to experience this rare experience.  For example you can take a river cruise, where you can cruise through the mangroves, see lots of wildlife including the monkeys and multi-coloured exotic birds.  Or you could visit the botanical gardens with over 5000 species it is one of the best in the world, however if you want to immerse yourself in the local culture of the Sabahan people.  Melaka also known as Malacca is a beautiful city with a rich cultural heritage.  The city is a melting pot of cultures, architecture styles and culinary influences.  Norwegian Cruise Line Guests visiting here should try to explore this city and make the effort to sample some of the street food.  There is so much to see and do.  To experience the fun of a Malay market guests should head to Jonker Street.  It is well organised and the hawkers are really polite and friendly.  The Dutch built the brick red Christ Church Cathedral over 200 years ago.  For a stunning view of the city you should head to the Taming Sari Tower which will give you a 360 degree view of the city from its revolving viewing platform.  Just 15 Km from the city you can get up close and personal to the local wildlife from beautiful butterflies and lizards to koi carp.  Muara in Brunei is famous for its beautiful white sand, mile long beach.  In March 2022 Norwegian Sun will be visiting two new ports in Japan, Miyakojima  and Himeji.  Miyakojima Island is known for its beach resorts and coral reefs.  Himeji is known for its beautiful and sprawling white castle, which is one of the last original feudal castles, which is well worth visiting and if you want a great view you should go to the top of the 6 floor main keep.  In November 2022 Norwegian Spirit will make her maiden visit to Yangon in Myanmar formerly known as Burma.  Yangon was formerly called Rangoon and is the largest city in Myanmar.  Architecturally Yangon is a melting pot that reflects its rich heritage and culture.  You will find old British colonial, modern skyscrapers and beautifully gilded Buddhist temples.  Finally in January 2023 Norwegian Sun will make her maiden visit to Kampot.  Kampot is an old French colonial city that is famous for the Kampot fish sauce and the foul smelling but sweet tasting fruit.  Close by are the Elephant Hills where you will be able to visit the 1920s ghost town of Bokor Hill Station.

So as you can see Norwegian Cruise Line have some exciting plans for the next few years and are planning to comeback after the suspension, safer, more adventurous and more exciting than ever.  Now is a good time to be planning you future adventures.


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