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If you sail on Ruby Princess, Caribbean Princess, Regal Princess, Royal Princess, Crown Princess, or Sky princess you will be given an Ocean Medallion?  But what is it and what does it do? 


Your Ocean Medallion is a revolutionary technological advance that will enhance your cruise experience.  On first impressions you will probably how this medallion that comes in its own free lanyard, could possibly be as revolutionary as it claims, but rest assured as you will see in this article it will radically improve your cruise holiday experience.


Your ocean Medallion Experience will start even before you arrive at the port and pick up your Ocean Medallion.  As soon as you book your cruise I would advise you to down load the medallion Class app from the Apple App Store or Google Play store for free.  Once you have downloaded your app you can link your booking to it by simply typing in your legal name, date of birth and your booking reference.   Then before your cruise you will be able to access Ocean Original content and see shows like Good Spirits, Ocean treks, Go and other great shows.  You can also use the Ocean Ready feature to upload your travel documents which will help speed up your embarkation.  You will be able edit your preferences such as updating your allergies and affinities.  You can also use the Journey View feature of the App to plan your ship board activities up to 60 days ahead of your holiday. 

Once you arrive at the port and you pick up your medallion, you will notice that the embarkation process is streamlined and will be much faster.  Because you can upload your travel documents, credit card, and security photograph you will be less likely to be stuck in long queues in the terminal waiting to get o the ship.  Even as you are embarking and disembarking from the ship you will notice the security check is quicker.


The next thing you will notice is that as you approach your cabin door it will automatically unlock as you walk up to it and you will be able to simply use the door handle.  This will also be good news for anyone who had the problem of their key card being deleted because it came too close to a mobile or a tablet.  It is also a big boon for disabled guests such as wheelchair users who sometime find it difficult to unlock a stateroom with a traditional key card.


If you have purchased a WiFi package or the Princess Plus package you will be able to access MedallionNet WiFi, which Princess claims to be the fastest WiFi at sea.  You will be able to surf, stream and use social media, even download videos.  You will be able to also use the Medallion App without having to purchase the Wifi package.  So if you want to catch some of the apps blockbuster films, or tv programmes you can whilst enjoying the sunshine by the pool enjoying a cocktail.


Talking of cocktails.  Using the Ocean Now feature of the app you can order food, drinks and more anywhere on the ship and it will be delivered to wherever you are even if you change location or table.  So you needn’t worry about queueing up or losing your lounger in the sun. 


Another cool feature of the app is that you can locate your family and friends that are sailing with you using Ocean Compass.  So if you are sailing with kids or teenagers you have the peace of mind that you know where they are or indeed that they can find you.  If you want to know where your partner is then you can locate them using the Ocean Compass feature of the app.  You can also use it to chat to family and friends you are sailing with.  So if you are running a bit late you can drop them a message and put their mind at ease.  Using the Ocean Compass you can also explore the ship and find a route to anywhere you want to go on the ship and if you are a wheelchair user it will even give you a wheelchair accessible route to get there.  Finally if you are wondering where the ship is heading you can see the ships location.


2 really useful features on the app is the Ocean Concierge and Journey view.  These features will allow you to plan your daily program and look at and book your shore excursions.  You can order a stateroom breakfast, buy a drinks package, or even place a deposit on your next cruise.  You can also check you shipboard account.


Fun things you can do with the app are you can create a tagalong or play games whether it be on your phone or tablet or on one of the portals that are located around the ship.  You will always find a portal located by a lift.  You can also play the casino games on the ocean Casino feature of the app or at one of the portals. 


So as you can see your medallion and it’s app can make your cruise even easier and more fun. 

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