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Do you have enough toasters and dishes? Would you rather let your guest get you a gift that will last a lifetime!

Your honeymoon can be and should be the most relaxing thing about your wedding that you have to plan. It seems that the bride and groom spend months planning the perfect wedding for everybody else. You take hours agonizing over the slightest detail to make sure that it meets with everyone’s approval.

Your honeymoon is different. This is the special trip, the one that you will remember for the rest of your lives. This part of the wedding is all about the two of you, and only the two of you. At Travel Leaders COS, we understand this. That is why we have gone that extra step and found way to help you pay for this dream trip. Your guests try very hard to find that perfect gift for you. Why not give them one more item to choose from? They don’t need to know what your color scheme is in your house or if you already have a coffee maker. This gift is one that fits all.

We ask you to fill out a Honeymoon Registry form that gives us pertinent information about you. You pick where you want to go, and we handle the rest. Once you’ve booked and deposited your honeymoon with your travel consultant, you then have your wedding guests give you the gift of travel. Give your guests the link, and they are able to donate to your wedding or honeymoon trip! You’ll be given a link to the honeymoon registry that can be added to your wedding invitations letting your guest know that you are registered with Travel Leaders COS. Not only will this help you with the cost of your honeymoon, but it is also very convenient for your guests. They simply contact our travel consultant and arrange for payment. They may send a check or put it on their credit card.

It is also important to note that a registry with our travel agency requires no set up fees, covers any destination and takes only a few minutes to register...What could be simpler?

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When you book with us...


We can provide you with:

  • A website branded with your information, pictures, and wedding information.
  • Contact information for yourself and for us. They can call us directly for special travel requests.
  • Personalized Email Invitation — an invitation from you to your guests.
  • Online registration and payment. Traveler may pay by check or credit card. We will collect the payments so you don’t have to worry about who’s paid what.
  • We will also pay the vendors directly so your bank doesn’t wonder about odd charges.
  • Registration process is transparent — when someone registers, you receive a notification the same time we do.
  • 24/7 emergency line while traveling.
  • Gift registry.
  • Your friends and family can give you monetary gifts via our online payment system. You can offer them the ability to pay for specific tours/activities, put it towards your trip, OR collect the cash while they 
  • Possibilities for group travel benefits and extras!

Couldn't Have Done It Without You — C.J.

I thought we could handle planning our Destination Wedding to Cancun, MX,
and Honeymoon to Belize on our own...Turns out it is much more difficult than expected! Working with Travel Leaders COS showed us, having a travel agency's help is extremely beneficial in regards to managing stress and making this process easier. It's been smooth sailing! Amazing, knowledgeable, and very friendly consultants! Loved this experience and the amount of help that was provided! Thank You Guys!



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